Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year...A New Beginning

I can't believe it's been so many months since I last posted something. I need to make a resolution to post more regularly. But life always seems to get in the way. For example, I haven't felt well since September. I've been going to various doctors to find out what's wrong. It's been very frustrating. It seems it's not just one thing that I can take a magic pill for and then it'll be over with. Oh situation has to be complicated: problems with my blood clotting too much and being "mildly positive" (never heard of such a thing) for lupus, an autoimmune disorder.

I've decided to sort of be in denial about my medical condition. I can't let it get me down. I have goals. I have to get on with my life. The doctor agreed with this philosophy too. Imagine that!

Each New Year's day, I reflect on my resolutions for the year before to see what I achieved, and to see if it's still appropriate to have as a goal for the new year. I set three kinds of goals: personal, business, and financial. Do you set goals (resolutions)? Do they work for you?

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